Amidst the beautiful nature of National Park De Hoge Kempen lies Hotel-Brasserie De Klok. It is the ideal starting point for discovering everything the landscape of Limburg has to offer.

Zutendaal, Belgium's green gem

Zutendaal roughly translates to 'Sweet Valley', and that is not a lie. The small, cosy village consists for 54% of forest.
It is the perfect location for hikes, cycling tours or drives around the area. 
Just across from the hotel you will find a beautiful 1661 parsonage. If you step outside the hotel and go up the stairs on your right, you can find the 13th century church that marks the center of the village. 

Cycling and walking

Of course there is no better way to discover all the beauty of the National Park than by foot or by bike. A lot of walking and cycling tracks start in the direct surroundings of Hotel De Klok. It is possible to rent your bike when booking a room at our hotel.

Walking routes (you can click the links):

10 km through Zutendaal

12 km through Zutendaal.

Cycling routes (you can click the links):

28 km through The National Park.

19,6 km alongside the Albert canal.

46 km passing the mine site of Genk and Bokrijk.

46,9 km to Maastricht and back.

72,9 km via Alden Biesen to Borgloon and back.


Lieteberg is one of the six entrances to National Park De Hoge Kempen. Here you find the 'Blotevoetenpad' ("bare feet path"), where you and your family can discover a controlled pathway of wood, rocks, gras, mud and water through the forest on your bare feet. At the visitor's center you'll also find Entomopolis, an exciting museum of insects, where you can find out everything you want or not want to know about wasps, mosquitos, bugs, cockroaches, spiders and more.


Hotel De Klok is located at fifteen minutes of driving from all mayor shopping areas of Limburg. Whether you want to discover the historic center of Maastricht, stroll around through the shoppings of Genk, enjoy the shops of Hasselt or look for the bargains in the fairy-like Maasmechelen Village, Hotel De Klok is an ideal place to rest after a nice day of shopping.

Open Air Swimming 't Soete Dal

For anyone that is in need of a refreshing swim, there is 't Soete Dal, an open air swimming pool located at a few minutes from De Klok. For the kids there is a playground, while the toddlers can splash around in the toddler's pool. There is free parking, there are lockers and warm showers. The swimming pool is opened on all warm and sunny days, from 10:00 until 19:00.